Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
Thank you for all your custom and support this year! 

We have had a wonderful year and feel very privileged to have worked with such a lovely bunch of clients and fellow suppliers! We are extremely excited for 2016, so many things in the pipeline and we cannot wait to start turning ideas into reality!

Before we start working our socks off in 2016, we will take a short holiday and our office is now closed until Tuesday 5th Jan 2016! 

Our website and online hire service will remain open throughout the festive period! All orders placed during our holiday will be responded to and processed on our return on the 5th.

Have a lovely time, Merry Christmas and see you all on 2016!

Rosie, Angela and all at brollybucket

'tis the season to be jolly {NEW PINS: Christmas Pretty}

{images pinned from pinterest}

This christmas, soft pastels and the gorgeous sent of fresh cut spruce fills my home!

I have fallen in LOVE with all things pastel and pretty this christmas, even my wrapping paper is pink!
What is your colour scheme this year? Have you embraced the pastel palette too?

My pinterest board CHRISTMAS 2015 {pastels and metallics} is bursting full of feminine, luxurious inspiration! Pop over and have a look!

With Pantone's recent announcement of 'Rose Quartz' and 'Serenity' as the colours of the year 2016, I think lots of weddings and parties next year will be embracing this 'pastel pretty' trend too!


Rose Gold Morrocan Candle {URBAN OUTFITTERS} Pink Dipped Vase {THE PEOPLE SHOP} Luxury Wrapping Paper {ABIGAIL WARNER} Personalized Biscuits {NINA HOLDEN} Spruce and Laundry Day Candles {P.F CANDLE CO} Copper and Oak Side Table {MADE.COM}


when an idea comes to life {planning our recent styled wedding shoot}

It only takes a little creative spark to create something wonderful!
The igniting spark for this project was a simple copper wire, geometric candle holder, purchased from Urban Outfitters in York.

We were in York with friends and I spotted this candle holder from 100 paces! It's a simple piece, fairly unassuming I guess, but it really caught my eye. Its copper wire construction and slightly industrial construction, has a lovely, reclaimed charm to it. It also really comes to life when a tea light is added. The warmth the copper radiates, as the candle flickers really made my brain 'think' and start to 'create'.

I hit Pinterest and Instagram in source of further inspiration! I started a mood board and I reached out to photographer friend, Fiona Higgins. Fiona and I met while attending Emma Case's Welcome Home Workshop earlier in the year. We really wanted to work with each other and I was delighted when she was available and eager to shoot it for me!

Sketches and lists started to over run my desk and I had created my list of suppliers 'I dearly hoped' would like to join us on this project!
Everyone I contacted was absolutely super and everyone jumped on board! They put so much faith in my idea and wholeheartedly offered help - its was lovely!

Packages started to arrive at my studio and I began to collect the things from suppliers, who couldn't join us on the day.

Due to the very short window if daylight in late November, Fiona and I spent the day before the shoot, getting everything ready. We transformed my little rural workshop and set up some 'sets', so we could start shooting first thing the next morning!

Just after 9am on shoot day, Di from Myrtle and Bracken arrived and created the most beautiful foliage and floral pieces. Her hanging installation, bouquet and garland just tied everything together and my vision suddenly became real, right in front of my eyes.

{THANK YOU} to everyone who collaborated with me on this shoot! 
Full list + Social Media links for everyone involved can be found here {Industrial Glamour - THE SUPPLIERS}


Don't let the rain turn your wedding into a washout! {guest blog by Natasha Wiggins Make-Up Artist}

brollybucket clients Claire and Euan {Photography by Caireen Harvey}

From spring showers to summer downpours to grim, grey winter storms, it doesn’t seem to matter what time of the year you choose for your wedding our great British weather is so unpredictable you can never be sure of what to expect on the day.
We’ve prepared lots of brides on their wet wedding mornings over the years, even during the height of summer, and we know just how stressful the weather can make an already nervous bride feel.

Yes, rain on your big day can be incredibly disappointing. You’ve spent months planning every last detail, but ordering sun and blue skies is simply beyond your control and constantly checking the forecast as the day gets closer isn’t going to change anything. So, why not just accept that the weather will be what it will be and be determined that it won’t spoil all that you’ve done to make your wedding day perfect.

As hair and make-up professionals, we take things in our stride and know just what to do to ensure that you will still look totally gorgeous regardless of what the weather chooses to do.

We all know that rain can turn even the sleekest head of hair into frizz. Using too many products can worsen the frizz effect, so we keep it simple. If you use your normal shampoo and conditioner as usual, we can then apply some serum, style your hair and then fix with a light covering of hairspray.

· Using a primer before applying foundation creates the perfect base for your wedding day make-up and will help ensure you look good throughout the day and until you say goodbye to the last guests to leave.
· We prefer to work with water-based foundations – the water content actually helps the foundation stay in place even if the air is damp from rain.
· Similarly, light foundations fixed with a dusting of mineral powder will be far more effective in rainy conditions that a heavy foundation that is likely to slide off.
· Lips have a lot to do on a wedding day – all that kissing and sipping champagne will challenge any lipstick! We apply a lip tint before the lipstick itself for a long-lasting look.
· No matter what the weather forecast, mascara and eyeliner has to be waterproof – there’s bound to be tears of joy!
· As a finishing touch we use an airbrush spray to keep your make-up smudge proof.

Finally, why not be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you! A pretty umbrella (not the nasty black telescopic variety!) is a really easy solution. Choose traditional white or ivory, go modern or vintage, or be bold and make a statement with a funky colour that ties in with your wedding theme.

You can even turn the weather into a positive feature by making sure that your guests also have umbrellas to hand – rather than despairing of how to provide you with a lovely wedding album, your photographer can have a field day if guests have matching brollies.

Hired umbrellas could be just what you need to make your wedding day still sparkle, even if the rain clouds do decide to show up – a brolly really is the perfect wedding day accessory to your perfect hair and make-up!

It's true, when it comes to weddings, we can plan everything, apart from the weather!

You can contact Natasha directly via her website
or on social media via
TWITTER {@nwmake}


Glorious Glasgow Wedding {500 pom poms, colourful umbrellas and a huge dose of love}

In mid May 2015, we received a lovely bright and colorful umbrella hire order from bride to-be Jen!

Vibrant Orange, fresh Apple Green and lovely purples, including my favorite, Lavender were part of her brolly colour selection! I had the privilege of putting this order together and it was one of these orders that makes me think 'I wonder where you guys are off too' I had a feeling they were off somewhere lovely and boy was I right!

On her return from honeymoon, Jen got in touch and sent over a lovely set of images of her wedding! With colour and happiness bursting out from my 'sneak peek' of images, I knew this had been a glorious day and I was absolutely delighted brollybucket was able to be a part of it!

500 pom poms hand crafted by the bride herself, a home baked macaron cake and beautiful bouquets made by Jen's sister in law were just some of the lovely, personal touches which made the day!

Jen also called upon the services of some local Glasgow wedding suppliers!

Jane Henderson Photography captured the wedding day wonderfully! Choosing a handful of images for this post was very difficult indeed, I wish I could have shared them all!

Jen's beautiful dress was made by Lisa Cochrane from Dragonfly Dress Design and her bespoke headband, fashioned from vintage brooches and pearls was designed and made by La Belle Epoque.

Bridal makeup for both Jen and her bridesmaids was by MUA Cat Robertson and hair by Curlers! Although not local, the super polka dot bridesmaid dresses were from well known online store Lindy Bop.

Brollies were of course by Umbrella Hire Service by brollybucket, we just love the colours Jen picked and how wonderfully she used them! Come rain or shine, brollies are great for your pictures and add another element of color to the day!

The informal  'family style' meal was provided by Three Sisters Bake and everyone danced the night away in the hands of Something Blue Wedding Band!

Thank you to Jen for sharing her wonderful wedding with us! It is lovely to work with couples close to home and to work alongside some of our fellow Glasgow wedding supplier friends!

Post Images and Photography by {Jane Henderson}

{a lovely chat with} BELLA'S CAKES

Hello Sydney!
Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us!

Bella is such a beautiful name, where did the name ‘Bella’s Cakes’ come from?
Thank you! I’m often asked where the name Bella’s Cakes came from. Or if I am called Bella!
Bella was my grandmother Frances’ middle name. She was beautiful, kind, a bit demanding and a fantastic baker. She made delicious cheesecake, rugelah strudel and kugel (noodle pudding). She adored her family and took great pleasure in feeding them well.
Although I didn’t get to know her well, as she passed away when I was quite young, I grew up eating food from her recipes and hearing stories about her. When it came to naming my business I couldn’t think of a better person to name it for. I did however, know my grandfather well.
He was a significant influence for me, as he was a very good businessman and worked for himself his whole life; finally retiring at 81!

What was the very first cake you baked?
The very first cake I ever made that I remember making are brownies with my mom when I was really little.

What was the last cake/tart/treat you baked?
It would have to be the last cakes and traybakes I baked. I finished up an order of protein flapjacks, cashew cream bars, gojo berry bars, protein brownies, chocolate chip bites, super seed bites, and pumpkin spice bites. All those are a bit different then my normal celebration and wedding cakes. I am a big fan of training and about a year or so ago started making healthy snacks for myself and for customers. I love making them all as it’s a bit different then the day to day and also it is probably for the best that I have some days that I stay away from the buttercream as it I love it more then cake.

When baking, what song makes you dance around the kitchen?
This is a hard question as I tend to just put Spotify on!

You are a home based bakery I believe, can you describe your usual day?
I am home based. My day usually starts pretty early. Coffee, emails, gym.
I think its really important to get out of the house at least once during my day so heading to the gym in the morning before baking helps me do this. Then if there aren’t more earns run then its home to bake and usually more emails/calls.

I am a terrible baker, I just cannot master the art! Do you know any very (I must stress the very) simple recipes I could try to make?
Sure! I recently made Anzac cookies for wedding favors for a lovely couple who both live in Australia but were getting married in Scotland. These cookies are amazing and super tasty. They can also be made gluten and dairy free. They have become my go to biscuit!

"An ANZAC describes an Australian and New Zealand soldier in World War 1. The term is particularly associated with the landing at Gallipoli on the 25th of April, 1915. During World War 1 and World War 2, the wives, mothers and girlfriends of soldiers were concerned for the nutritional value of the food being supplied to their men. Here was the problem. Any food they sent to the fighting men had to be carried in the ships of the Merchant Navy. Most had no refrigerated facilities, so any food sent had to be able to remain edible after periods exceeding two months. A body of women came up with the answer - a biscuit with all the nutritional values possible. The basis was a Scottish recipe using rolled oats which were used extensively in Scotland, especially for a heavy porridge that helped counteract the extremely cold climate.

The ingredients they used were rolled oats, sugar, plain flour, coconut, butter, golden syrup or treacle, bi-carbonate of soda and boiling water. All these items did not readily spoil. At first the biscuits were called Soldiers' Biscuits, but after the landing on Gallipoli, they were renamed ANZAC Biscuits."

{read the full 'Anzac Biscuits' recipe here}

Over the last few years we attended quite a few of the same wedding fairs and we are both members of wonderful The Wedding Collective
When you attend fairs, you always have such a fabulous selection of cakes with you and a feast of little tasty bites to sample! At your last few fairs, what cake style and flavors have been most popular? Are you seeing a particular trend going into 2016?
At the last few fairs I have attended I have talked to many couples who are looking for wedding cakes that aren’t the traditional style wedding cake or cakes. Many couples have expressed that they want either a naked cake or buttercream cakes rather then fondant iced cake or cakes.
I love this though as I am a big fan of naked cakes and buttercream. For cakes for 2016 I am still seeing naked cake as a big trend and also more couples asking for smaller cutting cakes and then a mix of desserts to accompany the cutting cake.
A really fun wedding I am catering for next year they ask for a small cutting cake and donuts! I can’t wait to bake their wedding cakes!

Are you working on any new flavours for next season?
I have some ideas in mind, all to be reviled in the New Year!

I notice on your Instagram feed you have an offer on just now, can you tell more?
Recently I started offering personalized cake toppers for cakes. Be it for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. I thought that a good way to also spread the word was to offer one of Bella’s personalized name cake toppers with all 3 tier naked cakes till the end of the year. They come in acrylic and wood. The wooden ones are lovely and add to the rustic look of the naked cake.

I am a big fan of the current trend for Cake and Dessert tables, I think they go down an absolute storm and guests thoroughly enjoy them! If you could create the ultimate ‘yummy’ dessert table, what would be your selection?
This is a hard question! There are so many desserts to choice. To pick a few desserts… strawberry poppy seed naked cake, courgette and lime cake, red velvet cake, flours chocolate brownies, strawberry pisatachio tartlets, rose truffles, and sea salted caramel truffles.

A month or so ago, we worked together on a styled shoot with the lovely Ginger and Lime Events and the super talented Julia Graham Photography. Your gorgeous bakes are such a visual treat as well as really tasty!

Where do you find your creative inspiration?
I find a lot of my inspiration from, the people I work with to create cakes, traveling, cook books, reading.
I have a flavour thesaurus that is always helpful when I am stuck. And I have a great fresh fruit and vegetable shop where I live. I am always in there looking for new ingredients.

What’s next for you and Bella’s Cakes? Do you have any exciting events in your diary? Any wedding fairs coming up?
No wedding fairs at the moment. I will be at the Urban Market at Drygate in December with items from my Christmas menu though. Really looking forward to this as holiday markets can be really fun and Drygate is such a great venue. I am also working on wedding cakes up to December as well. I have also started doing mail orders of bars and cookies so those have been taking up some time and it looking likely that they will be picking up towards the holidays!

To order cakes and any of the delicious treat mentioned above, please contact 
Sydney directly or visit {Bella's Cakes Website}

BELLA'S CAKES {on social media}
Your can follow Bella's Cakes on 
Facebook {bellasbakery}
Instagram {bellascakes84}
Twitter {bellas_cakes}



As soon as doors opened, we knew this was going to be a superb day!

The most recent Bridal Market was held on the 18th October in St Luke's, just next to the world famous Barras Market in Glasgow.

St Luke's is a new bar/social space, which also hosts weddings. St Luke's proved to be the perfect location for the autumn edition of The Wedding Collecive's Bridal Market as well as satisfying my curiosity to 'whats really inside that renovated building' that I pass on a regular basis!

Many of our wedding industry friends were in attendance. The market was home to a great mix of suppliers who were able to help, inspire and engage with scores of couples eagerly planning and finalizing details for their big days!

I managed to snap a few candid pictures on the day!
If you love something, or want to see more of their work, please do get in touch with the suppliers! I know they would be delighted to hear from you!

 Photography Duo {The Curries}
Florals and Foliage {Sparrow and Rose}
Wedding Umbrellas by {brollybucket}

Blue Bridal Gown by {Rowan Joy}
Jewellery {Sarah Brown}
Event Styling and Design {Lemon Box Studios}

Foliage and Botanical Instillations {Myrtle and Bracken}
Stylish Stationary {EYI Love}
 Jewellery {Sarah Brown}

Vintage Roses and Blooms {Floral Menagerie}
Wedding Umbrellas by {brollybucket}

 Illuminated Letters and Cinema Sign {I Love Letters}
Blue Floral and Aqua Sofa {I Heart Flowers}
Treats and Cakes by {Big Bear Bakery

Floral Crown Cake by {Three Sisters Bake}
Bridal Gowns and Bridesmaid Dresses {Dragonfly Dress Design}



This Sunday, The National Vintage Wedding Fair returns to Chiswick Town Hall for their next vintage 'do!

With a whole host of lovely suppliers in attendance, this fair looks set to be a fabulous day!

The catwalk is being curated by the lovely ladies from Rock The Frock, their vintage and retro inspired gowns are absolutely beautiful!

For a little sparkle, visit Peony and Mockingbird! Their vintage inspired bridal accessories are so pretty and a lovely finishing touch!

our {umbrella hire service by brollybucket} gift boxes for the goodie bags!

We are delighted to be part of the brides goodie bags for this fair!
Our little kraft boxes, filled with pink tissue and a little discount gift from us are on their way to fair host Kate as we speak!

Look out for the boxes in your goodie bags! - If you spot us, share a picture on Instagram or Twitter {don't forget to tag us in! @brollybucket}

Blog Title Photographs sourced from {The National Vintage Fair on Instagram}
Blue Floral Cake {Pink Cocoa}
Pink, Chartreuse and Lemon Dresses {Vintage Life Magazine and Days of Grace}
1980's Floral Crown Bride {Sally Forder for Binky Nixon Photography}
Blue Tea Party {The Vintage Sisters Traveling Tearoom}

 8th November 2015
11am - 3.30pm
Chiswick Town Hall, LONDON
Pay on the door {£4} 
Advance / VIP tickets are now {sold out}



Oh autumn, you are devilishly beautiful!
The natural colour palette of this time of year is just stunning!

The leaves on the trees outside our brolly studio have now turned into a glorious mix of orange tones. Delicate hints of jewel red, deep yellow and grey are interspersed through the mainly orange canopy!

I could spend hours watching the leaves slowly spin to the ground, but Autumn is a busy time for us! Our classic White, Black and Ivory umbrellas are popular all year round, but at this time of year, we love to see more and more Red, Yellow and Grey creeping into the mix!

We already offer a 'Summer Event Package' but the colours outside are really inspiring me to launch an 'Autumn Event Package' - a mix of our Grey, Orange and Red umbrellas displayed in our Willow Umbrella Stands would be lovely for clients hosting autumnal weddings and events and wish to embrace this colorful season!

 Our Classic Aluminum Umbrellas {which you can hire for your event}


every wedding dress needs a sequin hanger {meet the design duo Pearls and Pastries}

Everyone, I would like you to meet Pearls and Pastries!
Owned by the lovely Jenna and Patrick, Pearls and Pastries supply gorgeous sequin coat hangers to weddings and stylish wardrobes worldwide!

I first found Pearls and Pastries on Instagram. Their crisp, well presented feed really caught my eye and the beautifully sparkly content had me completely hooked as a follower!

Based in the USA, Jenna and Patrick custom make each sequin hanger! The hangers are available in lots of styles (the clip ones are especially good for tulle petticoats!) and colours! My favorite has to be the classic dress hanger in gold!

Although fun and a little frivolous, I just love the playful elegance of these hangers! The sense of excitement about an event, can start with the hanger your carefully chosen dress or outfit will be stored on, in the build up to the big day! - how fun!

On the big day itself, especially for weddings, one of the nicest 'getting ready' pictures is of 'the dress' hanging patiently, waiting to be worn and these hangers are the perfect way to display it!

Adorning the rails of bridal stores and retail stores worldwide these hangers are well sought after! A bloggers styling 'must have' and the dream coat hanger for any princess big or small, these hangers can't help but make you smile!

To order a hanger of your own, please contact Jenna and Patrick directly or visit the {Pearls and Pastries Shop}

PEARLS and PASTRIES {on social media}
Your can follow Pearls and Pastries on 
Instagram {pearlsandpastries}
Twitter {Pandp_shop



A little fun to brighten this autumnal Tuesday!

Last weekend, I spent a lovely day showcasing our umbrellas at the awesome The Wedding Collective Bridal Market. Whilst chatting to many super organized couples, with wedding dates in the 2017-odds, I also noticed a handful of couples, quietly pottering around looking for 'finishing touches' and 'little things' they could add to there carefully chosen venue and day. The fair was bursting with things and these couples were quietly taking it all in and letting there creative minds absorb it all. I was too.

Two stands along from me was the lovely Cotton and Thyme, specialist in dried and artificial flowers. One of her arrangements in particular caught my eye. Tiny yellow balls, pom poms if you like were displayed on sticks, just popping out of the top of a bottles, simple and easy but very eye catching indeed.

The form of these little yellow shapes, made me think of the humble pom pom! Even the word pom pom makes you smile and I thought what lovely 'little extra touches' these could be for your wedding!

Pom Pom napkin rings, Pom Pom garlands, tiny woolen Pom Poms as confetti even!
The ideas are endless, but the humble pom pom might just be the fun, easy to make, finishing touch your wedding or event needs!

For lots of Pom Pom ideas, nip over to our Pinterest Board {Wedding Pom Poms} and have a look!



This Sunday, plays host to the next installment of The Wedding Collective's legendary Bridal Market.

Hosted in the new and recently opened St Lukes + The Winged Ox in Glasgow, this bridal market is not your ordinary wedding fair! Scores of lovely, creative wedding suppliers will be in attendance, ready to sit down and chat about your big day, your ideas and dreams and how they could assist!

We will be in attendance! So please drop by and say hello, it would be lovely to meet you!
Our Umbrella Hire Service by brollybucket space will be adorned with lots of lovely bridal brollies and divine blooms by Floral Menagerie!

I look forward to meeting you there, its not to be missed!

{the market details}
18th October 2015
12 - 4pm
St Lukes, 17 Bain Square, Glasgow. G40 2JZ
Tickets available in advance {buy them here} or pay on the door!

{photos taken at the last bridal market in May 2015}

Rain on your wedding day? - It's brilliant {by Philippa Brackfield}

In June 2015, we had the pleasure of supplying umbrellas to this most beautiful wedding.

A few months after her wedding, Philippa, one of the most lovely brides we have ever worked with, got in touch via Instagram and shared some of her beautiful wedding pictures with us.

Alongside her wedding pictures, Philippa also shared with me the link to her own blog, which contained the post Rain on your wedding day? It's brilliant - an honest post, written about wedding day weather and 'embracing the rain'  should the British weather fail to obey to your carefully laid out plans.

You can read Philippa's full blog post here {Next Comes Marriage} but below is a short, 'brolly based' extract to get you started;

"The rain also gave us absolutely brilliant photos, largely down to the pluck and dedication of our wedding photographer Dominique, and a fab little Scottish company, Brolly Bucket. We hired fabulous coloured brollies, classy brolly stands and big white umbrellas from Brolly Bucket, and these absolutely made our day. The photographs are so unique, so colourful and so *us* – they were perfect.

In France they have a saying: Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux (“Rainy wedding, happy marriage”), and in Italy they say Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata (“A wet bride is a lucky bride”), and I think there might be something in that...

 ...So, for any brides-to-be panicking about the great british weather, fear not. Get a kick-ass wet weather plan, hire some fabulous brollies and enjoy."

Thank you so much to Philippa for sharing her blog and photographs with us, it was very kind indeed. May I wish you and your husband Alex, many years of happiness and I look forward to reading future posts about your adventures together!

I would also like to sincerely thank photographer Dominique Bader for allowing us share her beautiful work and for being so helpful to us! We are very grateful,


Little Book for Brides

We are delighted to be part of this wonderful resource and family of wedding suppliers!
The Little Book for Brides is a 'go to' resource for all in the throws of wedding planning! The selection of suppliers is immense and there is inspiration bursting out of each and every page!

Please have a look and look out for our entry! - There is a little discount hiding in our listing!

- Umbrella Hire Service by brollybucket -

"Just like it says on the tin. Worried about the rain on your wedding day? Save on the expense and hassle of purchasing umbrellas and hire them in an array of colours and pretty styles instead" 
- Annabel Beeforth EDITOR 


new pins {Board: Vintage Wedding}

A while ago, I worried the 'vintage' bubble had begun to burst and the floral, re loved revolution was over but this week, its back!

The pages of my recent batch of wedding magazines are again bursting with the vintage vibe and my Pinterest feed and Instagram feed for that matter have been just the same! With all this inspiration flying around, I really couldn't help myself and I had to pin a few of my favorite images onto my VINTAGE wedding board!

{all images sourced from PINTEREST}


Bridesmaids in Black {INSPIRATION}

 {Images from PINTEREST}
A little Friday inspiration!

I spotted some dresses on ASOS recently and they really inspired me to think about 'black' and its use at weddings.

Black is such a classic, elegant colour and it can capture someones personality like no other colour can.
Used as decoration, for styling or for outfits, black is hard to beat and lets face it, will never go out of style.

What do you think... Is black a colour you are considering for your own wedding?
I hope so, it looks wonderful!

For more inspiration, please feel free to pop by our pinterest board {Black and White Wedding} It is one of our newest boards and we are adding pins daily, so this is a board worth following!

{DRESSES pictured above are available from ASOS}



The AWESOME Wedding Collective are all set for the next installment of their BRIDAL MARKET.
With only 3 weeks to go, pop the date in your diary now {book a couple of tickets} and come along!

We will be exhibiting along with a whole host of other wonderful wedding suppliers!
To get a vibe of what to expect, nip over and have a look at our pinterest board {GWC @ The Briggait} featuring our highlights of the last market, held back in May.

beach styled shoot by julia graham

Edinburgh never looked so blue...
Styled and photographed by Julia Graham Photography this airy beach shoot is filled with delicious pastel blooms, vintage accessories and a perfect blue sea, you could only recreate in watercolour.

The gorgeous blooms and bouquets were supplied by Floral Menagerie. The white brides suitcase was on hire from The Old Shed by brollybucket and the White Giselle Pagoda Umbrella and Navy Umbrella were supplied by brollybucket. The shoot was photographed and edited by the wonderful Julia Graham.
© blog by brollybucket. All rights reserved.