Birthday Treat {33Downhill Skincare}

Today, my Mum and I are having a little half day off {well most of the day off if I'm honest}.
Today is my Mum's birthday and we have booked a treat for us both {my birthday is next week so I'm getting in on the act too}.

We have booked in for facials at the beautifully appointed and calming haven, 33Dowanhill in Glasgow.

Currently, I am sitting on a very comfy armchair, waiting for my appointment. Mum is in first {birthday girl after all} and my appointment is next. This is the most comfy, relaxing place I have been to in ages. Nestled one street behind the bustling Byers Road, I feel like I am in a relaxing retreat far away from reality.

I have answered oodles of email and have been spurred to write a wee blog! - this place is not only calming, its fuelling my creativity! Maybe I should revisit my first statement about having the day off, as I have just realised I am actually working without knowing it!

Sitting here, the decor around me is beautiful. My rather chaotic, lived in office at home is praying on my mind sitting here and I feel a revamp is on the cards. A trip to Farrow and Ball to source a chalky grey paint is required and I wish I could afford to order a armchair like this one, as I am really comfy sitting here by the window!

I realise it is very odd to 'blog' about something before you have had it/experienced it but sitting here I get a really good vibe about my imminent facial and I am excited. Last year I attended Emma Case's Welcome Home Workshop where Emma described capturing 'the feels in life' {it was a photography based course} and since that workshop, I really notice and actively seek the 'feels' in everything I do and this place 'feels' like its good for me and I hope it is... I'll let you know how I get on!

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