A little fun to brighten this autumnal Tuesday!

Last weekend, I spent a lovely day showcasing our umbrellas at the awesome The Wedding Collective Bridal Market. Whilst chatting to many super organized couples, with wedding dates in the 2017-odds, I also noticed a handful of couples, quietly pottering around looking for 'finishing touches' and 'little things' they could add to there carefully chosen venue and day. The fair was bursting with things and these couples were quietly taking it all in and letting there creative minds absorb it all. I was too.

Two stands along from me was the lovely Cotton and Thyme, specialist in dried and artificial flowers. One of her arrangements in particular caught my eye. Tiny yellow balls, pom poms if you like were displayed on sticks, just popping out of the top of a bottles, simple and easy but very eye catching indeed.

The form of these little yellow shapes, made me think of the humble pom pom! Even the word pom pom makes you smile and I thought what lovely 'little extra touches' these could be for your wedding!

Pom Pom napkin rings, Pom Pom garlands, tiny woolen Pom Poms as confetti even!
The ideas are endless, but the humble pom pom might just be the fun, easy to make, finishing touch your wedding or event needs!

For lots of Pom Pom ideas, nip over to our Pinterest Board {Wedding Pom Poms} and have a look!

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