when an idea comes to life {planning our recent styled wedding shoot}

It only takes a little creative spark to create something wonderful!
The igniting spark for this project was a simple copper wire, geometric candle holder, purchased from Urban Outfitters in York.

We were in York with friends and I spotted this candle holder from 100 paces! It's a simple piece, fairly unassuming I guess, but it really caught my eye. Its copper wire construction and slightly industrial construction, has a lovely, reclaimed charm to it. It also really comes to life when a tea light is added. The warmth the copper radiates, as the candle flickers really made my brain 'think' and start to 'create'.

I hit Pinterest and Instagram in source of further inspiration! I started a mood board and I reached out to photographer friend, Fiona Higgins. Fiona and I met while attending Emma Case's Welcome Home Workshop earlier in the year. We really wanted to work with each other and I was delighted when she was available and eager to shoot it for me!

Sketches and lists started to over run my desk and I had created my list of suppliers 'I dearly hoped' would like to join us on this project!
Everyone I contacted was absolutely super and everyone jumped on board! They put so much faith in my idea and wholeheartedly offered help - its was lovely!

Packages started to arrive at my studio and I began to collect the things from suppliers, who couldn't join us on the day.

Due to the very short window if daylight in late November, Fiona and I spent the day before the shoot, getting everything ready. We transformed my little rural workshop and set up some 'sets', so we could start shooting first thing the next morning!

Just after 9am on shoot day, Di from Myrtle and Bracken arrived and created the most beautiful foliage and floral pieces. Her hanging installation, bouquet and garland just tied everything together and my vision suddenly became real, right in front of my eyes.

{THANK YOU} to everyone who collaborated with me on this shoot! 
Full list + Social Media links for everyone involved can be found here {Industrial Glamour - THE SUPPLIERS}

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