Rain on your wedding day? - It's brilliant {by Philippa Brackfield}

In June 2015, we had the pleasure of supplying umbrellas to this most beautiful wedding.

A few months after her wedding, Philippa, one of the most lovely brides we have ever worked with, got in touch via Instagram and shared some of her beautiful wedding pictures with us.

Alongside her wedding pictures, Philippa also shared with me the link to her own blog, which contained the post Rain on your wedding day? It's brilliant - an honest post, written about wedding day weather and 'embracing the rain'  should the British weather fail to obey to your carefully laid out plans.

You can read Philippa's full blog post here {Next Comes Marriage} but below is a short, 'brolly based' extract to get you started;

"The rain also gave us absolutely brilliant photos, largely down to the pluck and dedication of our wedding photographer Dominique, and a fab little Scottish company, Brolly Bucket. We hired fabulous coloured brollies, classy brolly stands and big white umbrellas from Brolly Bucket, and these absolutely made our day. The photographs are so unique, so colourful and so *us* – they were perfect.

In France they have a saying: Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux (“Rainy wedding, happy marriage”), and in Italy they say Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata (“A wet bride is a lucky bride”), and I think there might be something in that...

 ...So, for any brides-to-be panicking about the great british weather, fear not. Get a kick-ass wet weather plan, hire some fabulous brollies and enjoy."

Thank you so much to Philippa for sharing her blog and photographs with us, it was very kind indeed. May I wish you and your husband Alex, many years of happiness and I look forward to reading future posts about your adventures together!

I would also like to sincerely thank photographer Dominique Bader for allowing us share her beautiful work and for being so helpful to us! We are very grateful,

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