Supplier Links {our charitable campaign}

Hello there!
Thank you for taking the time to find our more about working with us!

Our campaign and goal...
Every year, we are regularly asked to help and support many charities and organizations. We do our very best to support all who get in touch, but being a small business ourselves, we simply cant help everyone.

So starting in Autumn 2015, we are offering our wedding supplier friends and colleagues the opportunity to work with us and apply to purchase a 'supplier link' on our new blog with 100% off the monies raised, going straight to support our chosen charity.

Our chosen charity...
100% of the monies raised through sales of our supplier link spaces will be donated to Alzheimer Society.

Alzheimer Society and especially Alzheimer Scotland are charities extremely close to my and my families heart and the work they do is invaluable to those living with and affected by dementia.

What we can offer you...
We can offer you, one of our supplier link spaces on our blog for 3 months for only £30.

Each space is identical and are positioned as a list in the right hand menu of our blog, mid way down. This menu is visible when the blog is read in web version and remains visible through the blog pages and posts, giving you excellent reader exposure.

The pictures contained in the supplier links are 300x100px wide. Each supplier link profile has the title 'Supplier Link' and your business name will be displayed below. The picture in each Supplier Link will carry a web link directly to your website or social media account, which ever you choose. - have a look, we have examples on our blog just now!

We will also actively support your business through social media shares and support. We will also bolster your introduction to the blog with a dedicated welcome blog post, which will also be shared through our social media channels.

How to apply and donate...
It's as easy as dropping me an quick email!

Please email to apply. Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis, but we can discuss all the details further once we are in email conversation.

Payment for this campaign, must be made directly to Alzheimer Society via our brollybucket Just Giving page as we wish every penny to go directly to our charity. We also wish them to receive the added benefit of Gift Aid, should you wish to add it. I will send you the link once you have booked, don't worry!

We hope to welcome you to our blog very soon and please get in touch should you have any questions or indeed to book! - How exciting! 

a few terms and conditions...
- All email applications will be carefully considered before acceptance, applying does not guarantee your inclusion.
- We reserve the right to remove or edit any posts or supplier links at any time, should we feel it is necessary.
- Once payment in the form of your 'donation' has been made, no refunds can be given as it is now a charitable donation.
- Your supplier link will be posted for 3 months / 90 days. You will be notified of the start and end date of your link. 
- we are not responsible for any actions, loss or conduct of any suppliers featured.

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