Don't let the rain turn your wedding into a washout! {guest blog by Natasha Wiggins Make-Up Artist}

brollybucket clients Claire and Euan {Photography by Caireen Harvey}

From spring showers to summer downpours to grim, grey winter storms, it doesn’t seem to matter what time of the year you choose for your wedding our great British weather is so unpredictable you can never be sure of what to expect on the day.
We’ve prepared lots of brides on their wet wedding mornings over the years, even during the height of summer, and we know just how stressful the weather can make an already nervous bride feel.

Yes, rain on your big day can be incredibly disappointing. You’ve spent months planning every last detail, but ordering sun and blue skies is simply beyond your control and constantly checking the forecast as the day gets closer isn’t going to change anything. So, why not just accept that the weather will be what it will be and be determined that it won’t spoil all that you’ve done to make your wedding day perfect.

As hair and make-up professionals, we take things in our stride and know just what to do to ensure that you will still look totally gorgeous regardless of what the weather chooses to do.

We all know that rain can turn even the sleekest head of hair into frizz. Using too many products can worsen the frizz effect, so we keep it simple. If you use your normal shampoo and conditioner as usual, we can then apply some serum, style your hair and then fix with a light covering of hairspray.

· Using a primer before applying foundation creates the perfect base for your wedding day make-up and will help ensure you look good throughout the day and until you say goodbye to the last guests to leave.
· We prefer to work with water-based foundations – the water content actually helps the foundation stay in place even if the air is damp from rain.
· Similarly, light foundations fixed with a dusting of mineral powder will be far more effective in rainy conditions that a heavy foundation that is likely to slide off.
· Lips have a lot to do on a wedding day – all that kissing and sipping champagne will challenge any lipstick! We apply a lip tint before the lipstick itself for a long-lasting look.
· No matter what the weather forecast, mascara and eyeliner has to be waterproof – there’s bound to be tears of joy!
· As a finishing touch we use an airbrush spray to keep your make-up smudge proof.

Finally, why not be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you! A pretty umbrella (not the nasty black telescopic variety!) is a really easy solution. Choose traditional white or ivory, go modern or vintage, or be bold and make a statement with a funky colour that ties in with your wedding theme.

You can even turn the weather into a positive feature by making sure that your guests also have umbrellas to hand – rather than despairing of how to provide you with a lovely wedding album, your photographer can have a field day if guests have matching brollies.

Hired umbrellas could be just what you need to make your wedding day still sparkle, even if the rain clouds do decide to show up – a brolly really is the perfect wedding day accessory to your perfect hair and make-up!

It's true, when it comes to weddings, we can plan everything, apart from the weather!

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