Oh autumn, you are devilishly beautiful!
The natural colour palette of this time of year is just stunning!

The leaves on the trees outside our brolly studio have now turned into a glorious mix of orange tones. Delicate hints of jewel red, deep yellow and grey are interspersed through the mainly orange canopy!

I could spend hours watching the leaves slowly spin to the ground, but Autumn is a busy time for us! Our classic White, Black and Ivory umbrellas are popular all year round, but at this time of year, we love to see more and more Red, Yellow and Grey creeping into the mix!

We already offer a 'Summer Event Package' but the colours outside are really inspiring me to launch an 'Autumn Event Package' - a mix of our Grey, Orange and Red umbrellas displayed in our Willow Umbrella Stands would be lovely for clients hosting autumnal weddings and events and wish to embrace this colorful season!

 Our Classic Aluminum Umbrellas {which you can hire for your event}


every wedding dress needs a sequin hanger {meet the design duo Pearls and Pastries}

Everyone, I would like you to meet Pearls and Pastries!
Owned by the lovely Jenna and Patrick, Pearls and Pastries supply gorgeous sequin coat hangers to weddings and stylish wardrobes worldwide!

I first found Pearls and Pastries on Instagram. Their crisp, well presented feed really caught my eye and the beautifully sparkly content had me completely hooked as a follower!

Based in the USA, Jenna and Patrick custom make each sequin hanger! The hangers are available in lots of styles (the clip ones are especially good for tulle petticoats!) and colours! My favorite has to be the classic dress hanger in gold!

Although fun and a little frivolous, I just love the playful elegance of these hangers! The sense of excitement about an event, can start with the hanger your carefully chosen dress or outfit will be stored on, in the build up to the big day! - how fun!

On the big day itself, especially for weddings, one of the nicest 'getting ready' pictures is of 'the dress' hanging patiently, waiting to be worn and these hangers are the perfect way to display it!

Adorning the rails of bridal stores and retail stores worldwide these hangers are well sought after! A bloggers styling 'must have' and the dream coat hanger for any princess big or small, these hangers can't help but make you smile!

To order a hanger of your own, please contact Jenna and Patrick directly or visit the {Pearls and Pastries Shop}

PEARLS and PASTRIES {on social media}
Your can follow Pearls and Pastries on 
Instagram {pearlsandpastries}
Twitter {Pandp_shop



A little fun to brighten this autumnal Tuesday!

Last weekend, I spent a lovely day showcasing our umbrellas at the awesome The Wedding Collective Bridal Market. Whilst chatting to many super organized couples, with wedding dates in the 2017-odds, I also noticed a handful of couples, quietly pottering around looking for 'finishing touches' and 'little things' they could add to there carefully chosen venue and day. The fair was bursting with things and these couples were quietly taking it all in and letting there creative minds absorb it all. I was too.

Two stands along from me was the lovely Cotton and Thyme, specialist in dried and artificial flowers. One of her arrangements in particular caught my eye. Tiny yellow balls, pom poms if you like were displayed on sticks, just popping out of the top of a bottles, simple and easy but very eye catching indeed.

The form of these little yellow shapes, made me think of the humble pom pom! Even the word pom pom makes you smile and I thought what lovely 'little extra touches' these could be for your wedding!

Pom Pom napkin rings, Pom Pom garlands, tiny woolen Pom Poms as confetti even!
The ideas are endless, but the humble pom pom might just be the fun, easy to make, finishing touch your wedding or event needs!

For lots of Pom Pom ideas, nip over to our Pinterest Board {Wedding Pom Poms} and have a look!



This Sunday, plays host to the next installment of The Wedding Collective's legendary Bridal Market.

Hosted in the new and recently opened St Lukes + The Winged Ox in Glasgow, this bridal market is not your ordinary wedding fair! Scores of lovely, creative wedding suppliers will be in attendance, ready to sit down and chat about your big day, your ideas and dreams and how they could assist!

We will be in attendance! So please drop by and say hello, it would be lovely to meet you!
Our Umbrella Hire Service by brollybucket space will be adorned with lots of lovely bridal brollies and divine blooms by Floral Menagerie!

I look forward to meeting you there, its not to be missed!

{the market details}
18th October 2015
12 - 4pm
St Lukes, 17 Bain Square, Glasgow. G40 2JZ
Tickets available in advance {buy them here} or pay on the door!

{photos taken at the last bridal market in May 2015}

Rain on your wedding day? - It's brilliant {by Philippa Brackfield}

In June 2015, we had the pleasure of supplying umbrellas to this most beautiful wedding.

A few months after her wedding, Philippa, one of the most lovely brides we have ever worked with, got in touch via Instagram and shared some of her beautiful wedding pictures with us.

Alongside her wedding pictures, Philippa also shared with me the link to her own blog, which contained the post Rain on your wedding day? It's brilliant - an honest post, written about wedding day weather and 'embracing the rain'  should the British weather fail to obey to your carefully laid out plans.

You can read Philippa's full blog post here {Next Comes Marriage} but below is a short, 'brolly based' extract to get you started;

"The rain also gave us absolutely brilliant photos, largely down to the pluck and dedication of our wedding photographer Dominique, and a fab little Scottish company, Brolly Bucket. We hired fabulous coloured brollies, classy brolly stands and big white umbrellas from Brolly Bucket, and these absolutely made our day. The photographs are so unique, so colourful and so *us* – they were perfect.

In France they have a saying: Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux (“Rainy wedding, happy marriage”), and in Italy they say Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata (“A wet bride is a lucky bride”), and I think there might be something in that...

 ...So, for any brides-to-be panicking about the great british weather, fear not. Get a kick-ass wet weather plan, hire some fabulous brollies and enjoy."

Thank you so much to Philippa for sharing her blog and photographs with us, it was very kind indeed. May I wish you and your husband Alex, many years of happiness and I look forward to reading future posts about your adventures together!

I would also like to sincerely thank photographer Dominique Bader for allowing us share her beautiful work and for being so helpful to us! We are very grateful,


Little Book for Brides

We are delighted to be part of this wonderful resource and family of wedding suppliers!
The Little Book for Brides is a 'go to' resource for all in the throws of wedding planning! The selection of suppliers is immense and there is inspiration bursting out of each and every page!

Please have a look and look out for our entry! - There is a little discount hiding in our listing!

- Umbrella Hire Service by brollybucket -

"Just like it says on the tin. Worried about the rain on your wedding day? Save on the expense and hassle of purchasing umbrellas and hire them in an array of colours and pretty styles instead" 
- Annabel Beeforth EDITOR 


new pins {Board: Vintage Wedding}

A while ago, I worried the 'vintage' bubble had begun to burst and the floral, re loved revolution was over but this week, its back!

The pages of my recent batch of wedding magazines are again bursting with the vintage vibe and my Pinterest feed and Instagram feed for that matter have been just the same! With all this inspiration flying around, I really couldn't help myself and I had to pin a few of my favorite images onto my VINTAGE wedding board!

{all images sourced from PINTEREST}


Bridesmaids in Black {INSPIRATION}

 {Images from PINTEREST}
A little Friday inspiration!

I spotted some dresses on ASOS recently and they really inspired me to think about 'black' and its use at weddings.

Black is such a classic, elegant colour and it can capture someones personality like no other colour can.
Used as decoration, for styling or for outfits, black is hard to beat and lets face it, will never go out of style.

What do you think... Is black a colour you are considering for your own wedding?
I hope so, it looks wonderful!

For more inspiration, please feel free to pop by our pinterest board {Black and White Wedding} It is one of our newest boards and we are adding pins daily, so this is a board worth following!

{DRESSES pictured above are available from ASOS}

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