every wedding dress needs a sequin hanger {meet the design duo Pearls and Pastries}

Everyone, I would like you to meet Pearls and Pastries!
Owned by the lovely Jenna and Patrick, Pearls and Pastries supply gorgeous sequin coat hangers to weddings and stylish wardrobes worldwide!

I first found Pearls and Pastries on Instagram. Their crisp, well presented feed really caught my eye and the beautifully sparkly content had me completely hooked as a follower!

Based in the USA, Jenna and Patrick custom make each sequin hanger! The hangers are available in lots of styles (the clip ones are especially good for tulle petticoats!) and colours! My favorite has to be the classic dress hanger in gold!

Although fun and a little frivolous, I just love the playful elegance of these hangers! The sense of excitement about an event, can start with the hanger your carefully chosen dress or outfit will be stored on, in the build up to the big day! - how fun!

On the big day itself, especially for weddings, one of the nicest 'getting ready' pictures is of 'the dress' hanging patiently, waiting to be worn and these hangers are the perfect way to display it!

Adorning the rails of bridal stores and retail stores worldwide these hangers are well sought after! A bloggers styling 'must have' and the dream coat hanger for any princess big or small, these hangers can't help but make you smile!

To order a hanger of your own, please contact Jenna and Patrick directly or visit the {Pearls and Pastries Shop}

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